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The right eyewear balances form and function. You want to look great, feel great, and see clearly in every condition. Clarity Eyecare can help you find your match. From glasses lenses to contact lenses, we offer top brands with the best quality and latest technologies.


At Clarity Eyecare, your sight is our priority. Our optical boutique features a selection of handcrafted and stylish glasses from around the world. Let us take care of your eyes and outfit them with premium, handcrafted eyewear.

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Frame Collections

Clarity Eyecare is passionate about beautiful and handcrafted eyewear because life is too short for boring glasses! Our boutique offers a specially curated collection of designer frames featuring a wide range of styles and shapes, from sculptural pieces of art to unbreakable titanium workhorses. Let Clarity Eyecare help you stand out with exquisite quality and style.

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Custom Fit Glasses

Are your eyeglass frames matching your unique style? If not, Clarity Eyecare is here to help. Our skilled eye care professionals are excited to customize the perfect fit and lenses for you and your look. With an array of eyeglass lens options available, we consider your lifestyle and vision correction needs. We want you to have stylish glasses with the perfect fit and clearest vision!


We utilize Optikam technology to take precise measurements (including monocular pupillary distance) of how your chosen designer glasses align on your face. That ensures your prescription is in the correct place on your lenses. Optikam also allows Dr. Chan to stay socially distant during your eye exam amid this unprecedented pandemic.

Eye Doctor Baltimore MD Clarity Eyecare
Eye Doctor Baltimore MD Clarity Eyecare

Zeiss Lenses


We care about your eye health. That’s why Zeiss lenses with UVProtect Technology will come standard with every pair of prescription eyewear from Clarity Eyecare.


Cataracts and macular degeneration are some of the conditions that can be caused by harmful UV rays that damage the eyes. Zeiss’ UVProtect Technology filters out 99.6 percent of UV rays — that’s premium sunglass-level protection in a clear lens!


Lots of screen time? No problem! Zeiss’ SmartLife will also come standard too. The technology relieves stress on the eyes from frequently looking at mobile devices and computers, providing all-day comfort.

Contact Lenses

If you are in need of vision correction but aren’t looking to wear glasses full time, then contact lenses are a great option for you. There are a number of reasons why you might prefer contact lenses to standard eyewear: a glasses-free look, hassle-free vision correction, wearing non-prescription sunglasses and goggles, or the convenience of not having to worry about misplacing your glasses. New contact lens options can now accommodate higher prescriptions and larger amounts of astigmatism.


Clarity Eyecare offers a selection of contact lenses from the latest brands, including Acuvue. There are numerous options available for contact lenses, but our eye care providers will consider your lifestyle and vision correction needs when helping you choose the perfect pair for your eyes. Schedule an exam today and let Dr. Chan help find the right contacts for you and your needs.

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