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For most of us, trying to stay warm in the winter means cozy blankets, big sweaters, and indoor heating. But the use of heaters can contribute to dry eye symptoms. Dry eye is one of the most common eye-health concerns and it’s important to be aware of the risks. If left untreated, dry eye can worsen and lead to damaged corneas and impaired vision.

Clarity Eyecare has plenty of experience providing specialized treatment for dry eye and offering patients much deserved relief.


Dry eye results when the eye either doesn’t produce enough tears or doesn’t produce quality tears to properly lubricate the eye, leading to red, irritated, and itchy eyes. Poor-quality tears lack the adequate balance of water, mucus, or lipids, leaving the eye insufficiently protected. A heater can at times further exacerbate the symptoms.

Heaters, specifically car heaters, can cause dry eyes due to the dry environment they create and the proximity of air to the eyes. Moreover, the heat leads the tears to evaporate, leaving the eyes unprotected.


While it may be instinctive to switch on the heater upon entering your car, especially if you drive to work in the early morning when it’s coldest, make sure you take these steps to prevent dry eye this winter season.

— Direct the warm air flow to your body, not your face. Make sure the warm air isn’t directly hitting your eyes.

— Wear sunglasses. They’ll shield the eyes from winds, whether cool or warm, and prevent tears from evaporating.

— Keep hydrated. Drinking plenty of water is not just for the summer! Consuming extra fluids will help keep all parts of the body hydrated, including your eyes. Limit coffee intake, as it can be dehydrating.

— Remember to blink. We often forget to blink when trying to focus on the road while driving. Being conscientious of this will ensure your eyes remain lubricated and refreshed with every blink.

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