At Clarity Eyecare, your sight is our priority. From glasses lenses to contact lenses, we offer top brands with the best quality and latest technologies.

Zeiss lenses

UV protection

We care about your eye health.

That’s why Zeiss lenses with UVProtect Technology will come standard with every pair of prescription eyewear from Clarity Eyecare.

Cataracts and macular degeneration are some of the conditions that can be caused by harmful UV rays that damage the eyes. Zeiss’ UVProtect Technology filters out 99.6 percent of UV rays — that’s premium sunglass-level protection in a clear lens!

Eyestrain relief

Lots of screen time? No problem!

Zeiss’ SmartLife will also come standard too. The technology relieves stress on the eyes from frequently looking at mobile devices and computers, providing all-day comfort.

Eyewear fittings

We want you to have stylish glasses with the perfect fit and clearest vision.

We utilize Optikam technology to take precise measurements (including monocular pupillary distance) of how your chosen designer glasses align on your face. That ensures your prescription is in the correct place on your lenses.

Optikam also allows Dr. Chan to stay socially distant during your eye exam amid this unprecedented pandemic.

Contact lenses

Clarity Eyecare offers the latest brands, including Acuvue. Dr. Chan can help find the right contacts for you.

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